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Your desktop is your main workspace, and therefore should show all your reminders, organized in the most efficient way possible. Todoist is a great application with which you can manage all your important tasks and sync them to all your devices, so you never miss an important event. You can use its official client for Windows desktop.

With Todoist you can work with custom to-do lists organized in categories, among which you can find the work, personal, movies to watch, and shopping lists. You can always create any new ones that you might need, and assign specific colors to them. It doesn't matter when you have to set the reminder for; you can set as many of them as you need and set them for any date. No matter how far ahead in the future they are. Once you insert all the fields, the application organizes the tabs for next week's and next month's lists, so even if you are not thinking about the ones that are still far in the future, you can see everything that's due within a week or a month.

You can change the priority level for each one of your tasks if you need to. It doesn't matter what type of task it is, all of them without exception are stored on the cloud, so you can access them no matter where you are and which device you are using. It's a great way to have your work to-do list at hand at all times.

Finally, it's worth noticing that Todoist is a collaborative tool that lets you add as many people to your projects as you want, and assign different tasks to each of them, increasing productivity. There are no limits to how many collaborators you can add. With this app, it's easy to structure your work in just a few simple steps.

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